• We arrange bank finance for residential property buyers

    We also run online bond qualification tests
  • We arrange bank finance for commercial property buyers

    We also pre-qualify prospective buyers
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Meridian Finance

Meridian finance logo

Meridian finance logo

Meridian Finance

Bond originators for residential and commercial property buyers in South Africa.



We provide the best service and advice to any potential buyer in securing property finance from all the Banks and selected private financial service providers in South Africa. Everything can be conducted online, without any travelling or waiting in long lines. We provide the most efficient and effective customer service in the country with our in-depth know-how, experience and state of the art submission software programs.


  • Lower interest rates from 9 competing financial institutions at no extra cost to loan applicants.
  • Our service is free!
  • We know the exact requirements of each bank/financial institution for the different type of loans and different type of applicants and can secure the best home loan for you.
  • We secure 100% bonds.
  • Our expert know-how guarantees the quickest turnaround time for clients. It takes years of experience to build up this knowledge base and to stay ahead of changes.
  • On their own, individual applicants simply do not have a chance to arrange a better deal with an individual bank. It is a myth to expect loyalty favours from banks; it is only about financial risk and cost of capital.
  • We make the frustration of queuing and traffic jam experiences to magically disappear into the sky.
  • Our old clients are all flocking back to us for their future repeat financial needs.
  • We constantly receive the best “word of mouth” promotions from our old clients, who are all recommending our superior service to their friends and contacts.
  • We pay referral commission on successful leads.
  • In other words, we provide our clients with a much higher success rate, save them time and best of all we save them huge amounts of money into the future!
  • Contact us today!

Property finance

Property finance:

1. Let us finance your dream home! We have the expertise and experience to help you get the best home loan to suit your individual needs. We have access to lenders nationwide and have developed relationships with these banks and lenders in order to put you in the best position possible to receive the financial assistance you need.

Buying a home is a big decision and long term debt, therefore your home loan finance needs to suit your pocket.

We can assist:

  • First time home buyers. Lets get you Pre Qualified and take the stress out of finding and purchasing your dream home at the right price. We provide you with a certificate so that you can house hunt with confidence! First time buyers still do qualify for 100% finance and some banks will even include the cost to register and transfer for you!
  • New/second or third property purchase. We  know how to structure your application for 100%  approval. Negotiate the best interest rate on your behalf. And give outcome on your application within 3-4 working days. We also assist Investor buyers successfully.
  • Further loans and advances.  If your existing bond finance is older than 3 months, we can assist in securing additional funds for you, providing there is value in your property and you qualify on your Income and Expenses.  You can use this funds for anything you want!
  • Debt Consolidation.  If you would like to settle some accounts, taking additional funds on your home loan is the best and most cost effective way to do so.  Both Interest and Repayment is much less that with a personal loan.  We assist applicants successfully with better cash flow and to  breath in a month!
  • Building Loans. We love building loans! And remove all the hassle and trouble of getting the finance in place for you.
  • Pre-qualifications and credit checks.  For all buyers and also if you just want to check your affordability, credit commitments and credit rating.

We do it for the whole country of South Africa. Everything is done over the Internet. There is no need for any person, who wants to apply for a loan to waste time with queuing before counters or to be caught up in traffic jams!

Bridging finance

2. Bridging Capital and Finance on Property Proceeds or Bond and Transfer Cost and Deposit:

We assist with bridging finance on all property related transactions.

  • Seller’s Proceeds on Sale of Property: Up to 80% of sale proceeds can be paid to you prior to transfer of your property to the buyer. 
  • Prestige advances: Prestige advances in property bridging solutions can be arranged from R 500 000 upwards for properties owned in companies, trusts, developers or natural persons.
  • Buyers Finance for Cost or Deposit: We assist with deposit finance and cost for transfer and registration of property to your name.

3. Best commission to property agents countrywide:

We are generous to property agents, who collaborate with us.

  • We pay higher commission to property agents than any other bond originator.
  • We also arrange bridging capital to help them over bad times, such as decline in buyer demand.

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