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Property finance

Residential and Commercial Property Finance for South Africa

New bond finance:

Let us finance your dream home. We have the expertise to help you get the best home loan to suit your individual needs. We have access to lenders nationwide and have developed relationships with these banks in order to put you in the best position possible to receive the financial assistance that you need.

Buying a home is a big decision and long term debt, therefore your home loan finance needs to suit your pocket.

We can:

* Obtain 100% bond finance on your behalf.

* Negotiate the best interest rate.

* We will give you outcome on your application within 3-4 working days.

Deposit and cost finance:

To all home buyers – Do not allow the costs of buying a home (transfer fees, legal fees, registration and deposits) keep you from owning your own property. We can arrange an unsecured loan to assist you with these costs

We offer:

* Unsecured loans over 5 years to pay for the transferring and registering cost.

* Any deposit payable and moving cost.

Home improvement loan:

We can assist with:

* Unsecured loans to improve and decorate your home.

* Larger amounts can be secured with your property as security.

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The two most important factors for a bank bond application to succeed are:

1. passing the credit rating requirements; and
2. passing the affordability requirements.

The specific financing requirements differ from bank to bank. While one bank may reject an application another may approve it. In certain cases a particular bank may have higher deposit requirements, while another may approve a 100% loan.

We submit a bond application online to all institutions simultaneously with the push of a software button, to obtain the best deal for our clients, while they save valuable time and money.

New home buyers have many questions and need as much guidance as possible. Finding the answers can take a lot of time and sometimes the answers aren’t even understandable. Bond originator companies make things easier, taking the hassle out of buying a house for the first time.

Do’s and don’ts for a residential mortgage:

Buying home has become very easy nowadays with a variety of residential mortgage options available in the market. Many people prefer to buy a house than to go for a rented one. But before going for any deal on residential mortgage, you have to have all the updated knowledge.

Five do’s for residential mortgage:

-Try and make all your loan and debt payments on time. Every 30-, 60-, or 90-day delinquency on a loan or credit is going to reduce the credit score the lender ends up considering as part of the loan file. The score in turn will determine the residential mortgage loan you get.

– If missing something becomes essential, miss the credit card payment first, followed by the instalment loan payment and finally the existing residential mortgage loan. Credit scoring systems look at the performance of similar loan first before deciding the type of score to assign.

– Try to pay off all the debts and put down a smaller amount at the time of closing. This leaves the borrower with larger mortgages but also allow them to replace non tax-deductible, high-interest rate debt with lower-rate residential mortgage debt that features deductible interest.

– If multiple financial obligations are going to pop up in the near future, get the residential mortgage first. Certain credit enquiries such as new applications for credit cards can hurt a borrower’s credit score, especially if they are filed in the months prior to the home loan review process.

– Try to increase the size of the down payment on your residential mortgage through solid savings. Putting the savings into something volatile like individual stock is highly avoidable. This is also advisable to evaluate money market or other accounts that offer reasonable rates of return, automatic payroll deductions or other financial incentives to save.

Five don’ts for residential mortgage:

– If you have just got into a residential mortgage deal, then it is highly recommended to avoid any big purchases over the next couple of months. This might make less money available for the down payment that might also end up to another loan.

– Don’t go for a very expensive house if your budget doesn’t support. If you start with a relatively small monthly housing payment and move to a huge one, it will end up covering too much loan with too small money.

– Don’t try to get pre-qualified for your residential mortgages rather get pre-approved. Before getting pre-approved, you must also allow the lenders to pull credit reports, check debt-to-income ratios and also to perform other underwriting steps. This might put you closer to obtain a loan.

– Don’t forget your money personality while getting a residential mortgage. Save and accumulate equity faster by going with the shorter term and higher payment if possible.

– Don’t forget the burden a home ownership brings. The cost of defaulting on a residential mortgage loan is might be much greater than the penalty of missing a rent payment. If you have too many black marks on the financial history, the interest credit will rise higher than you can ever handle.

Benefits for our clients:

  • Lower interest rates from 9 competing financial institutions at no extra cost to loan applicants.
  • We know the exact requirements of each bank/financial institution for the different type of loans and different type of applicants.
  • Our expert know-how guarantees the quickest turnaround time for clients. It takes years of experience to build up this knowledge base and to stay ahead of changes.

Best commission to property agents countrywide:

We are generous to property agents, who collaborate with us.

  • We pay higher commission to property agents than any other bond originator.
  • We also arrange bridging capital to help them over bad times, such as decline in buyer demand.

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