The benefits of regular property maintenance

The benefits of regular property maintenance

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The cost of NOT doing home maintenance:

Many of us have learned the hard way, that if we don’t keep our cars, tools, and other things we rely on in good working order, then we end up spending money unnecessarily on repairs. The same is true in regard to our houses, both inside and out. The cost of NOT doing home maintenance can be steep indeed. Besides that, it’s always much easier to be proactive than it is to wait until something breaks down.

One typical time to get busy is autumn. If you haven’t had to be responsible for a house before, you can find plenty of early winter home maintenance tips online, at the library, at a local extension office, home maintenance chain stores, or in bookstores. Check with your neighbours as well. Some of the areas you should be concerned with are:

– Roofs and gutters
– Fireplaces and chimneys
– Decks and patios
– Shutters and siding
– Draftee doors and windows
– Electric wiring, fittings and switches
– Door locks and hinges
– Burglar proofing

If you let any of these deteriorate, you’ll soon learn about the cost of NOT doing home maintenance.

Early winter or fall is not the only time to inspect these aspects of your house. It’s a good idea to take a good look at everything at least twice a year. Additionally, if you notice problems at times in between; fix them right away. It will save you money later. By the way, you’ll find free home maintenance tips in the same places listed above.

As you travel through various neighbourhoods, it’s easy to spot the houses whose owners haven’t listed any early winter home maintenance tips. They often have peeling paint, stained concrete, rotting wood decks and stairs, and overgrown yards. All too often it’s probably because they just got behind and have found out the hard way the cost of NOT doing home maintenance. If you possibly can avoid it, don’t let yourself get caught in this trap. Make it your habit to take care of problems before they happen.

Some Specific Areas:

Fireplaces and chimneys are especially important to keep functioning well. The cost of NOT doing home maintenance on your fireplaces can be more than just money; it can be lives. Any of your early winter home maintenance tips will remind you to get those chimneys cleaned before you start building cold weather fires. You should also thoroughly clean the layers of soot that collect just inside the fireplace itself .

With fuel costs on the rise, it’s a real plus to have a fireplace to help heat your home. They’re also very cosy and conjure up pictures of a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. You may not see these benefits listed on your list of free home maintenance tips, but you know how much you’d miss them if you couldn’t build a fire. Make sure your fireplace and chimney is always clean, and you’ll be ready for any sudden storm. Taking care of your fireplace is a great way to avoid the cost of NOT doing home maintenance.

It’s more than likely that you have some areas in and around your home that are made from concrete. These may include basements, garages, patios, driveways, and sidewalks. In addition to sustaining cracks that will grow if not fixed, concrete can absorb dirt and stains. Again, consult your free home maintenance tips for advice on how to fix any damage. You should also clean these areas to avoid major build-up through the years.

If you spend a few dollars and some elbow grease now on property upkeep, you’ll avoid the cost of NOT doing home maintenance. Everyone is busy these days and time seems to fly by. It’s easy to put off your chores, but before you know it, six months or a year has gone by. You can avoid this happening to you by making a checklist and posting it where you’ll have to look at it. As you do each task, mark the date that you completed it and it will be easy to see when it’s time to repeat it.

One more specific area to maintain is any surface made from wood. The most common instance is a deck, but you may also have stairs, railings, or porches that fall into this category. In your early winter home maintenance tips, you’re sure to learn that it’s important to routinely clean any outdoor wood that you have.

Wood can rot and fade, so performing maintenance, such as cleaning, painting, and repairs in a timely manner will keep you ahead of the curve. This information is something else that should be on your list of free home maintenance tips.

All of this may sound like just too much work. This is when it’s time to think of old sayings like, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”, and avoid the cost of NOT doing home maintenance.

Poor maintenance can scare potential buyers and even renters away for good.

How to achieve a high home improvement value:

People purchase houses for many different reasons. Some people buy houses to improve on the property, and get a good return on investment from it. Other people buy property to sell on. For whatever reason they buy a house or property, they would like to see their home improvement value.

Estimating your home improvement value is fairly easy. Raising that value is just as easy if you know what to do, and how to do it. The basic rule of thumb is that the more money you put into your house, the more you can expect to get out of it. It doesn’t matter how big the house is, where it is located, or what condition it is in, there are always ways to increase your home improvement value.

It doesn’t have to be gruelling work to increase your home improvement value. All that is needed is a little bit of planning, time, and money. To figure out where your house can improve you can sit down with a pen and a piece of paper. On one side of the piece of paper you can write what your house has, and then on the other side you can write down what your house doesn’t have. For example, on the “house has” side of the paper, you can write: Two Bedrooms, One Bath, and Basement. You can fill in what your house doesn’t have, and what you would like your house to have in the “house doesn’t have” side. Realistically, you will not be able to complete all of the things on your list.

In today’s society people expect a certain level of living. Some people won’t even consider looking at a house if it didn’t meet their standards. Things you can add that will increase your home improvement value are things like en suite bathrooms and extra bathrooms, or half baths. Making an en suite bathroom can be as simple as adding a door between the bathroom and the room. Just adding a door can increase your property value by a lot.

Adding another bathroom can be just as easy, and you don’t have to take a mortgage to get it done. If you have a cupboard or pantry that is big enough to hold a toilet and sink, then you can continue from there. This is just another simple way to increase your property value.

Adding an extra bed room, or garage can also increase your home value unbelievably. But if this all seems a little out of price range, a new coat of paint, new flooring, or new cabinets can also increase your home improvement value. If you stick to white with your bathrooms and kitchen it will keep things feeling fresh and bigger. Also, white is a contemporary colour and will appeal to most buyers.

If you remember the basic rule that investing a small amount into your home now could increase your home improvement value by a considerable amount in the future, you are sure to do just fine. Keep things contemporary and fresh. Remember your dream home and try to achieve it as much as you can, and watch your home improvement value climb!

The ins and outs of home improvement:

Great design is like a masterpiece, you know it when you see it. But even if it’s beautiful, an object is not well designed if it’s missing the most essential element: function.

The ever increasing attention to home products is reflected in a growing trend of integrating pleasing design into every part of the house, from showers to the kitchen sink. According to Mary Jo Peterson, a design consultant and a veteran in home improvement projects, consumers are demanding more style in their homes. However they do not want to sacrifice ease of use, either. Peterson points out that as baby boomers age, more companies are designing home products that look great while taking into account accessibility issues and the concept of universal design.

Multitasking is all in a day’s work in home improvement projects, kitchen remodelling, bathroom remodelling or a simple mixing of colours. Decorating ideas are like magic tricks, you just need to learn a few trade secrets and a bit of practice to perfect it.

Installing products that add style to the home and that can also adapt universally to owners’ changing needs are vital factors both in building and renovating a house. This will serve the current occupants quite well and will also increase the house value when the owner decides to resell.

Bathroom remodelling is a definite step in home improvement. If we consider the amount of time we spend in this room, then this is one space that we cannot afford to overlook. Think of it like this, a decade from now will you be able to easily get in and out of your current bathtub? Other bathroom designs that needs further contemplating includes the height of the lavatory countertop, as well as the space beneath and if it allows legroom for a user in a wheelchair.

Universal design could also pay off in kitchen remodelling. The kitchen is typically the most used room in a home, a place for cooking, eating and spending time. As the heart of the home, there are some interesting alternatives for kitchen that go well beyond the norm. Planning for a variety of counter heights to add function is fast becoming a trend in kitchen redesign. A lot of new kitchens features two or sometimes even three different counter heights, a working area for someone who is seated, another at normal height and the third one is at bar height which is suitable for a taller person.

In kitchen redesign, appliances are also beginning to address universal design issues. For instances dishwashers that can be installed in drawers and under counter refrigerators add a contemporary impression as well as for easy access.

The primary objective of universal design is not only to add style and elegance to your home, but to make your life easier and ultimately turning your home into a more comfortable place to live.

There are many home improvement projects that you can carry out to make your home a more comfortable space and to add to its value as property. These home improvement projects include remodelling the basement, kitchen, and bathrooms, and painting both the exteriors and interiors regularly.

Small improvements over time can make a whale of a difference in the eyes of potential buyers and renters.

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